AC Seismic Summary

DataReSource has one of the largest seismic data libraries in the world with hundreds of thousands of data sets from many different regions globally. In addition to the seismic data, DataReSource has support data from field acquisition to final processing and interpretation. We have a massive archive of seismic surveys starting from the 1960s up until the present day as well as observer logs, acquisition reports, processing reports, surveyor’s notes and interpretation project data.

Inquire on Seismic Data
List of Available Seismic Surveys
1989 AC_P4 (KT89) Marine Seismic ,2D
1997 Andromeda Infill Marine Seismic ,2D ,447.0km
1996 Andromeda Marine Seismic ,2D ,1645.0km
2002 Aristarchus 2D Seismic Survey ,2D
2007 Arlo 3D Seismic Survey ,3D
1997 Bat Marine Seismic ,2D ,7308.0km
2009 Fairfax 2D M.S.S. ,2D ,228.7km
1999 Feresa Repro 2D ,2D/3D
1992 HJ13 2D (Kym and Arunta 3D) MSS ,2D/3D ,3911.0km
1991 HV12 3D_2D Marine Seismic (Puffin 3D) ,2D/3D ,7760.0km
2004 Lara 2D Seismic Survey ,2D
2005 Nexus Crux 3D (Crucis) Seismic Survey ,3D
2007 Octantis 3D Seismic Survey ,3D
2006 Oliver 3D MSS ,3D
1997 Onnia North ,3D ,350000.0km
1999 Onnia North Extension ,3D
1997 Onnia Phase 1 Marine Seismic ,3D ,1649.4km
1998 Onnia Phase 2 Marine Seismic ,3D ,4611.3km
1998 Orca 2D Marine Seismic 1998 ,2D ,1377.0km
2001 Rossini Seismic Survey ,2D
2004 Rufus 2D Seismic Survey ,2D ,428.9km
2012 Sandalford 3D MSS 2012 ,3D MSS
2007 Schwarzer Timor Sea 3D MSS ,3D
2009 Ursa 2009 3D Seismic Survey ,3D
2001 Ursa 2D Seismic Survey ,2D
2005 Wilga 99 2D ,2D ,1860.0km
2012 Zeppelin 2D MSS ,2D MSS ,170.0km
2012 Zeppelin 3D MSS ,3D MSS