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Data Trades

Data Trades

DataReSource manages confidential data trades between companies. There are many occasions where companies wish to acquire data on a confidential or anonymous basis.

If you have data you wish to trade, or have data you wish to acquire through a trade rather than purchase, then DataReSource can assist. The database at DataReSource allows for companies to list their data privately with our trade desk. Inquiries made with us that may be a match for your data holding will be made known to you and the trade potential for that data set can then be reviewed with you before proceeding with a trade offer.

If you have data you wish to trade, contact DataReSource to discuss the options.

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Additional Data Services

Data Detectives

Looking for historical or contemporary data that is critical to your exploration programme? Tried all of the usual data brokers and government sources but still not able to locate the data?

Even if it is not listed in the DataReSource Database, the team of DataReSource data detectives can find and acquire hard to find or lost data in just about any region of the world on your behalf.

Wether you are an exploration company looking for data in an area of interest, or a government looking for data acquired in your country or state, but never submitted or returned back to you, DataReSource can assist.

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